Chelation Therapy: Why is it not more well known?

Chelation Therapy has been around since the late 1940’s and has been in constant use since, why do most people […]

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Low Levels of Lead More Dangerous than Previously Thought

Humans have known about the toxic properties and accompanying detrimental health effects of the absorption of Lead for hundreds of […]

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Mercury in H1N1(Bird Flu) Vaccine

This is to emphasize that Mercury, recognized as one of the most dangerous and powerful neuro-toxins on the planet is […]

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Studies do show that EDTA Chelation is safe and effective

If you call the American Medical Association or ask your Doctor if Chelation Therapy can help with high blood pressure, […]

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Why is EDTA Chelation not more accepted or popular?

EDTA chelation has been in use since the late 1940’s and while it has helped millions of people improve their […]

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KelaminHM: Dosage and Usage Recommendations

KelaminHM is the most effective EDTA Chelation product on the market today and probably the most effective chelator period. EDTA […]

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Glutathione-Your body’s natural detoxifier

Glutathione is naturally produced by the liver and it is found in foods like vegetables, fruits and meats. Glutathione has […]

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KelaminHM and Medicardium: What are the differences?

EDTA was first used on humans to treat workers in battery factories and sailors who used lead based paint to […]

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KelaminHM, Kelatox and Detoxamin…Which is best?

EDTA which has been in constant use since the 1950”s is the most effective Chelator of the widest range of […]

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Cadmium Toxicity and EDTA Chelation

Cadmium is an extremely toxic heavy metal that is found most commonly in zinc ores and almost all of the […]

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Mercury toxicity and EDTA Chelation

Mercury is an element that is found naturally in the Earth’s crust and is present in our air, water and […]

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Detoxifying reactions using EDTA Chelation

Detoxification is the process of removing pollutants, bacteria and toxins including toxic heavy metals from your body. Your body is […]

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The Prostate and EDTA Chelation

The Prostate gland serves several important functions in humans and is vital to a healthy elimination system and sexual function. […]

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Calcium, Calcification, and Arterial Plaque-The Same? Not!

During my 15 years of working in the dietary supplement, health and Chelation sectors I am asked quite a few […]

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What is EDTA and what does it do?

EDTA or ethylenediaminetetraacetic acetate is a man-made amino acid that is widely used in canned and processed foods and in […]

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Aluminum Toxicity – A serious health issue

We live in an increasingly toxic environment with massive emissions from mining and coal-fired energy plants, chemicals released into the […]

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Interview with Developer of KelaminHM, Ronald E. Partain Sr. RPh.

Ronald E. Partain Sr., graduated from the University of Arizona Pharmacy School in June of 1968. After graduation he served […]

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KelaminHM Cream: Effective, convenient and inexpensive!

KelaminHM Cream is our newest EDTA Chelation product to come to market and it has made quite an immediate impact. […]

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Heavy Metal Contact Points

Heavy metals are ubiquitous in our environment and there are many, many contact points where we can become exposed and […]

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Chemicals in Chemtrails: Toxic metals and other pollutants from aerosol spraying are damaging our environment and ourselves!

Chemicals in Chemtrails: Toxic metals and other pollutants from aerosol spraying are damaging our environment and ourselves!The past couple of […]

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Carpet: More toxic than you imagine. Can EDTA Chelation help?

Carpeting has been used in homes and businesses for quite a long time. Carpet covers the majority of floors in […]

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Lead in Consumer Products

Lead is a soft malleable metal that is a very dangerous and powerful neurotoxin that affects many parts of our […]

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The Endothelium-What is it and what does it do?

Once thought to be inert, over the past few decades Health Professionals and researchers have found that the endothelium performs […]

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EDTA: I.V., Oral and Suppository: Which is Best?

EDTA is the most effective Chelator on the market today. EDTA binds with and removes the widest range of toxic […]

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