Product Description

Xeneplex Suppositories

Xeneplex Glutathione suppositories help improve your health in several different ways including removing a wide range of pollutants, Immune System Support, Antioxidant properties and Disease Prevention/Improvement. Glutathione is produced naturally in your body but due to the build of toxins and other health challenges it can be severally limited.

Product Features:

  • Removes pollutants including plasticizers, petrochemicals, pesticides, solvents, mold and fungus
  • Fights free radicals on its own and helps regenerate other anti-oxidants
  • Helps the proper function of white blood cells including T-cells, stimulates immune cells
  • Prevents diseases including cancer, heart disease, chronic fatigue, glaucoma and asthma

Removing Toxic Heavy Metals a Health Priority

Toxic Heavy Metals are ubiquitous in our environment and been linked to many diseases and health issues we face today. Removing these toxic heavy metals and eliminating contact points should be a health priority. Use KelaminHM to help improve your health and your life!