Product Description

Oxytocin Supplement

Oxytocin is a hormone produced mainly by the hypothalamus and is released by males and females during orgasm and is considered by many to be the hormone of desire, social recognition and bonding. Oxytocin is important for social memory and attachment, sexual and maternal behavior, and aggression. Clinically Oxytocin is used most often to induce and strengthen labor and control postpartum bleeding.

Product Features:

  • Supplements body’s natural production
  • Nasal spray makes for easy daily administration
  • No artificial preservatives used in Oxytocin

Who is it for?

For those of us that want more help getting to a high oxytocin state, opening our hearts and experiencing the love, forgiveness, wisdom and gratitude that oxytocin can give us. Ingredients: Oxytocin, Sterile Water, Salt. Keep refrigerated