Product Description

KelaminHM EDTA 5oz. Cream

KelaminHM EDTA Cream 5 oz provides EDTA Chelation in an effective, easy to use cream. EDTA removes the widest range of toxic heavy metals including Mercury, Lead, Aluminum and Copper. Each ¼ oz serving provides 350mg of EDTA, 250mg of N-Acytyl-L-Cysteine and 100mg of Selenium Methionine.

Product Features:

  • Well absorbed through the skin and into the circulatory system
  • More effective than Oral EDTA products
  • 3 active ingredients work together to remove toxic heavy metals and much more!

Effective Alternative to Oral EDTA products

KelaminHM EDTA Cream is a far better alternative to Oral EDTA products. Applied to “thin” areas of skin on your body the EDTA and other ingredients are well absorbed in your circulatory system.

Active Ingredients: Calcium-Disodium EDTA, N-Acytyl-L-Cysteine, Selenium Methionine.

Inactive Ingredients: Water, glycerine, jojoba oil, , shea butter, mango butter, water soluble emulsifiers. Contains NO perfumes, fillers or dye.