Product Description

Ellagica Capsules

Ellagica capsules contain ellagic acid and other plant compounds to support the body in resolving infections and other pathological proceses. Ellagic acid inhibits the enzyme gyrase, which many viruses use to enter our cells and replicate, inhibits chitin-synthase, which fungi use to build their cell walls, and kills certain parasites. Ellagic acid stimulates apoptosis, the pathway by which abnormal and pathological cells are directed to self-destruct.

Product Features:

  • Kills certain parasites
  • Safest way to take Ellagic Acid
  • Support the body in maintaining healthy blood viscosity
  • Helps resolve infections

Safe and Potent

In addition, Ellagica contains four plant extracts designed to support the body in maintaining healthy blood viscosity. Ellagica is the safest and most potent way to take ellagic acid.

Ingredients: 160 milligrams of USP grade ellagic acid, quercetin, pumpkin seed extract, bromelain, gingko biloba, nattokinase and silicon dioxide. The capsules and all contents of this product are vegetarian.