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Chelation Answers

What is Chelation?

Chelation is the process of binding with and removing toxic heavy metals and other toxins from your body.

Are there natural Chelating agents?

Yes. There are many Chelating agents that occur naturally and they are in use constantly. Natural Chelation products include Garlic, Vitamin C, Chlorella, Cilantro and Selenium.

Are natural Chelating agents effective?

Yes, to a point. Natural Chelators will help remove toxic heavy metals and other toxins but their binding power is fairly week so their effectiveness will be low. The primary benefit is that they are low in toxicity and are easy to take on a consistent basis.

Are man-made Chelation products safe?

Yes and No. When taken properly and in many cases under the care of a Physician man-made Chelation products such as EDTA, DMSA and DMSO are safe and effective. When used improperly these agents can be dangerous and cause harm

Will these man-made Chelation products work the same?

No. DMSA is primarily used for the removal of Mercury but it is fairly harsh on your system and should be used under the care of Doctor. DMSO is mainly used for the removal of Lead but will remove other toxic metals slowly as well. EDTA is the safest man-made Chelator and will remove the widest range of toxic heavy metals including Mercury, Lead, Aluminum and Copper.

Do you need a prescription to purchase DMSA, DMSO or EDTA?

No. The FDA would like to make that happen but all three are available in different forms for sale. But they should all be used carefully and with caution just like any other health product.

Will these Chelation products help remove other contaminants?

Not directly but yes. It has been shown in many studies that when you remove toxic heavy metals and improve your system that other contaminants including yeast will follow.

Will these products remove all of the toxic heavy metals from your body?

No. Toxic heavy metals will settle into you organs soft tissue and even in your bones so there is no way to get rid of all of them. In fact Lead has been found to absorb into bones making them more brittle. Plus there are numerous contact points for toxic heavy metals. But the goal should be to remove as much of them as possible and avoid contact points

Will you see a noticeable change in your health by Chelation products?

Maybe. Everyone response to detoxification products and protocols differently. The people that are highly toxic or have noticeable health challenges that are cause or exacerbated by toxic heavy metals like high blood pressure or angina are much more likely to see immediate benefits.

What kind of reactions can you expect from using Chelation products?

The most common reactions are the Herxheimer reactions which can include flu like symptoms, headaches, body aches and allergies. These are short lived and occur as the toxins are moved into your circulatory system to be removed. They actually mean that the product is working.

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