Chelation Information – PDF Downloads

Learn more about the benefits of Chelation with these downloadable documents.

Health Assessment

This information will help you keep track of how your physical, mental and emotional states respond to changes you make in your eating habits, priorities, supplement program, social and family life, level of physical activity and time spent on personal growth.

Kelamin HM Information Packet

Toxic Heavy Metals are ubiquitous in our environment and been linked to many diseases and health issues we face today. Removing these toxic heavy metals and eliminating contact points should be a health priority. Use KelaminHM to help improve your health and your life!

Ingredients – Senior’s Superior

Senior Superior provides a daily supplement for Senior’s that want to help maintain or improve their overall health. Contains Co-Q 10, Alpha Lapoic Acid, Ginkgo Biloba, Gilberry Extract, Digestive Enzymes, Glutemic Acid, Lutien, Lycopene among many others.

Ingredients – Total Care

Balanced formula of 34 Essential Nutrients, Chelated Minerals, Complete stress B vitamins and much more that forms an optimal base for any nutritional supplement program.

Ingredients – Ultimate Care

Ultimate Care helps promote bone health, cardiac support, digestion and G.I. tract health, homocysteine management support, immune system support, Lipotropic Factors and Metabolic support.

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