Essentially, chelation therapy involves introducing certain organic chemicals in the body to promote a particular chemical reason. The end goal of encouraging this reaction is the removal of toxic heavy metals from the body, commonly referred to as “detoxing.” Because of this ability, chelation is a common treatment for heavy-metal poisoning, most notably from lead. A solution is injected into the body which binds with the toxic metals and minerals, and leads them to be removed through the kidneys.

Some have also used chelation therapy to treat conditions like coronary artery disease. This method of treatment hasn’t yet been supported by the extensive scientific evidence that backs up chelation for other purposes, and it shouldn’t be used in lieu of lifestyle changes or other proven treatments.

Chelation Health Products is equipped to provide you with whatever chelating agents you need to complete your chelation therapy. These include:


In use since the 70s, and primarily for clearing out mercury, DMPS as a chelate can be administered orally, through injection, or through suppositories. Generally, it is well tolerated, but some users may experience rashes or allergic reactions. People with amalgam fillings should never use DMPS.


One of the most effective agents for lead chelation, DMSA is an agent that requires particular care to administer and should only be given by a physician.


The primary benefit of EDTA chelating agent is that it is attracted to a wide variety of toxic metals, making it useful for general detoxing. It can also be administered easily without danger of any significant side effects.

Whatever your detoxing or chelation needs, Chelation Health Products has you covered. Visit us online to see our full catalog of products, or contact us with any questions!