This is to emphasize that Mercury, recognized as one of the most dangerous and powerful neuro-toxins on the planet is still widely used in a wide array of industries including the medical industry and continues to be a persistent health threat to humans.

In 2009 hysteria surrounding the spread of the H1N1 virus caused a run on the newly developed vaccine in the U.S. State Health officials in the state of Washington, in response to the supposed shortage of H1N1 vaccine, allowed the manufacturer of the vaccine to increase the amount of Thimerosol in the vaccine so they could increase the number of vaccine dosages. Thimerosol is a preservative that was(still is!) commonly used as a preservative in vaccines but the primary ingredient in Thimerosol is Mercury! I find it absolutely amazing that Mercury was EVER allowed to be in any product meant for human consumption as the dangers of Mercury have been known for hundreds of years. Please remember that Thimerosol was commonly used in childhood vaccines until the early 2000’s and it is still used in other vaccines including the common Flu vaccine.

I understand the Health Officials in Washington wanting more vaccine doses to help their citizens during that time of a manufactured crises but to do it in this way is completely inexcusable! In rate cases the bird flu was dangerous but Mercury is ALWAYS extremely hazardous to your health.

  • The H1N1 “bird flu” is only marginally more dangerous than normal flu.
  • Increased the amount of Thimerosol, hence Mercury, in each vaccine dose
  • Vaccine used on the most vulnerable in our society, children and the elderly

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If I hadn’t been involved in this industry for as long as I have information like this would shock me, but sadly it does not. Toxic heavy metals are used in many products and then absorbed in humans including Lead in lipsticks and hair dyes, Cadmium in costume jewelry, Aluminum in cookware, deodorants and baking soda, and Mercury in vaccines and dental amalgams. The ADA(American Dental Association) still allows the use of dental amalgams that contains high levels of metals including Mercury, but they refuse to admit that amalgams are dangerous in any way! Medical professionals and Health officials are supposed to protect us from harm not allow us to be harmed in known ways.

Ok but what can you do to help protect yourself from these toxins? Before you or allow any member of your family to use any type of vaccine demand to know all the ingredients in that vaccine. There are versions available that do not contain Thimerosol. Check the ingredients in all consumer products that you use. If they are not listed contact the company or decline to use that product. Remove all dental amalgams and have them replaced with non-toxic alternatives. Drink filtered water and eat as many Natural or Organic foods as possible. But what do you do about the toxic heavy metals that have already been absorbed into your body?

The most effective way to remove a wide range of toxic heavy metals including Mercury, Lead, Aluminum and Cadmium is with EDTA Chelation. EDTA removes the widest range of toxic of toxic heavy safely and effectively and is even on the FDA’s GRAS(generally regarded as safe) list! EDTA has been the most effective Chelation Therapy product for the past 60 years but until fairly recently the only way to receive the benefits of EDTA Chelation was through time consuming and expensive I.V.s. Several years ago Oral EDTA products came on the market but since over  95% of the EDTA from those products is destroyed in the stomach they are highly ineffective. EDTA suppositories, where over 95% of the EDTA is absorbed through the colon wall directly into the blood stream, are far more effective than Oral EDTA products plus they cost less than 1/10 of the equivalent dosage from as I.V.

KelaminHM has become the standard of EDTA Chelation suppositories. KelaminHM comes in 3 dosages for the lowest overall cost of any EDTA Chelation suppository on the market today!