Humans have known about the toxic properties and accompanying detrimental health effects of the absorption of Lead for hundreds of years. But until recently it was thought that it would take high levels of Lead to be able for it to be to able to affect us in negative ways.

A few years ago a study was conducted and then posted in the Archives of General Psychiatry showing that people with very low levels of Lead have a 5 times greater risk of Panic Disorder and a 2 to 3 times higher risk of Manic Depressive Disorder. Another study performed on employees in battery plants, smelters and foundries showed that low levels of Lead exposure can have surprising adverse mental health effects. Ellen Silbergeld, a professor of environmental health sciences at John Hopkins found that just 4 ug/dl blood level of lead can double the risk of fatal heart attack and may also cause memory loss. One other study reported higher phobic anxiety and depression in older men who had blood lead levels of 1.6 ug/dl which is the average for the general population. These findings along with many others and now showing that Lead is more dangerous than previously thought and at much lower levels.

  • Lead is a known extremely dangerous Neurotoxin
  • There are many contact points where Lead can be absorbed into your body
  • Lead is quite harmful even at much lower levels than previously thought.

Lead levels in the environment have been steadily dropping over the past few decades, in no small part to the removal of Lead from gasoline. *While this is good news please note that the Lead in gasoline was replaced by Nickel, another toxic heavy metal. Plus improvement in the working conditions of employees in industries like Smelting and Foundries and the removal of lead from paints and many consumer products, has helped immensely as well. Researchers are now finding that even very low levels of Lead are very toxic to humans especially to the most vulnerable in our society, children and the elderly.

With this new information it is obvious that we all need to be conscious of the detrimental effects of even low levels of Lead and need to continue to reduce the number of contact points in our environment.  Filter your drinking water, remove and replace old lead based paint, check ingredients or discontinue use of consumer products that are known to contain Lead like lipstick, hair dyes and costume jewelry. The other thing you need to do is to remove as much of the Lead and other toxic heavy metals, that have been absorbed into your body.

The most effective way to remove Lead from your body is with EDTA Chelation, which is an approved therapy for Lead Toxicity by the FDA. Until recently the most effective way to receive the benefits of EDTA chelation was through expensive and time consumer I.V.’s performed in a Doctors office. Now we have a far more effective way to receive the benefits of EDTA Chelation and that is with EDTA suppositories. The EDTA in a suppository will stay in your body up to 4 times longer than EDTA from an I.V. The most effective EDTA Chelation suppository on the market today is KelaminHM. KelaminHM is available in 3 dosages and is priced better than any other EDTA Chelation suppository.