EDTA which has been in constant use since the 1950”s is the most effective Chelator of the widest range of toxic heavy metals including Mercury, Lead, Aluminum and Cadmium that is available today. When it was first discovered EDTA was used to clean calcified deposits from barrels at ship yards, but it was soon found out that it could do basically the same thing to humans and help remove calcium plaque.

Initially the only way to receive the benefits of EDTA Chelation was through expensive and time consuming I.V. EDTA infusions. Since that time Oral EDTA and Suppository EDTA products have entered the market place and have surpassed I.V. EDTA to their low cost, ease of use, safety and effectiveness. The primary EDTA suppository products to come onto the market are Detoxamin, Kelatox, and KelaminHM.

Since the 1980’s I.V. EDTA providers have been on the decline due to pressure from the AMA and its general high cost and suspect safety, at the same time oral and suppositories products have been increasing in popularity and demand. We know from basic chemistry and data from testing centers that Oral EDTA is very inefficient and ineffective. EDTA must remain whole to be effective and when you use an Oral EDTA product over 95% of the EDTA is destroyed in the stomach before it can be utilized. Even though Oral EDTA products are inexpensive their low effectiveness doesn’t match their low cost. Next came Suppository EDTA products and they have surpassed both I.V. and Oral EDTA products.

Why are suppository EDTA products superior to I.V. and Oral EDTA?
-The EDTA from a suppository is over 95% absorbed directly into the blood stream via the hemmoroidal veins. The EDTA also stays in your body 4 times longer than from an I.V.
-Do not need blood tests to check for liver and kidney function like I.V. EDTA. Suppositories are done in the privacy of your home which saves a lot of time over driving to a clinic.
-95% of EDTA from Oral EDTA products is broken down before it can be utilized, making those products highly ineffective.

As you can see Suppository EDTA products are more effective and cost efficient than both I.V. and Oral EDTA products. But which of the 3 main suppository EDTA products KelaminHM, Kelatox, and Detoxamin is the most effective and cost efficient?

The first EDTA suppository to come to market is Detoxamin. Detoxamin was first formulated by Ron Partain, RPh for World Health Products. Detoxamin was very effective and sold quite well to consumers and healthcare practitioners alike but to due unethical business practices and pressure Detoxamin is no longer sold to consumers. Due to their unethical business practices I broke off from World Health Products and brought Kelatox to market. Kelatox offered a higher dosage than Detoxamin for a lower price, making it a much better value than Detoxamin. Even though Kelatox was a better value the new owners started manufacturing Kelatox in a facility that is not FDA approved so the quality became very suspect. Then along came KelaminHM!

KelaminHM is manufactured in an FDA approved facility to Good Manufacturing Standards. KelaminHM also comes in higher dosages 900mg, 1200mg and 1500mg and for lower prices than either Detoxamin or Kelatox. KelaminHM was also formulated by Ron Partain, RPH and is available to both consumers and healthcare practitioners/distributors. Its high quality and low price make KelaminHM the best value and most effective EDTA product on the market today.