During my 15 years of working in the dietary supplement, health and Chelation sectors I am asked quite a few different questions on a daily basis and spend quite a bit of time clarifying misconceptions that are pervasive in our society. I encounter everything from is Chelation Therapy safe? Is it effective for exactly what ails me? Are dietary supplements effective and worth the cost? Is KelaminHM FDA approved? Is KelaminHM EDTA suppositories really more effective than IV and Oral EDTA products? But the question I get the most is are Calcium, Calcification and Arterial Plaque the same things?

The quick answer is NO, they are not the same. Calcium is a naturally occurring mineral that is essential for organisms particularly in cell physiology where it acts as a cellular ionic messenger. Calcium is also a very important component of bones and is essential in new bone growth and maintaining bone density. It is also a primary component of teeth and arterial plaque. While some people may suffer from an excess of free Calcium in their bodies the most common issue is to little Calcium which is why we need to be very conscious not remove too much Calcium which could have very serious negative health consequences including Osteoporosis.

Calcification on the other hand is the build of toxins including toxic heavy metals like Mercury, Lead and Aluminum in the Endothelium. The Endothelium is a single cell layer thick membrane that lines the Lymphatic and Circulatory systems and among other things is responsible for producing and releasing Nitric Oxide. Nitric Oxide is a short live gas that allows the arterial system to relax and dilate which helps regulate and improve blood flow. The build up of these toxic heavy metals helps to prevent the Endothelium from producing Nitric Oxide so the arterial system becomes rigid and inflexible. This rigid condition is known as Calcification! Calcification means that the arterial system is rigid so blood flow is diminished and you get high blood pressure and hypertension.

Arterial Plaque is an essential part of the circulatory and is vital in helping to conceals tears in the artery wall and covering up viruses including Epstein Barr. A primary component of Arterial Plaque is Calcium. The problems with arterial plaque is when the process breaks down and it ends up building up over time which can cause it to clog arteries and decrease blood flow. This build of Arterial Plaque is known as Atherosclerosis. Many people think that if you remove the Calcium from the plaque it will help break it down and remove it from your circulatory system. This is not the case. Calcium is an essential component of plaque and Chelation Products including EDTA will not remove the Calcium from the plaque. What the EDTA will do is remove the toxic heavy metals like Mercury, Lead and Aluminum that is helping to hold the plaque together along with lipids and other things thereby allowing the plaque to dissipate naturally.

Even though Calcium, Calcification and Arterial Plaque are confused as being the same thing it is quite obvious that they are very different. The one thing they have in common is that EDTA Chelation is the most effective way to relieve the issues associated with them. The most effective EDTA product on the market today is KelaminHM EDTA suppositories. KelaminHM is extremely safe and effective in removing heavy metals toxins and helping to combat health issues like Calcification and Atherosclerosis.