We live in an increasingly toxic environment with massive emissions from mining and coal-fired energy plants, chemicals released into the air or dumped into our waterways from manufacturing, trash deposited on road sides or left to accumulate in dumps, chemicals in our food and even our drinking water. This has been going on for centuries but many people are now becoming aware of the hazards of polluting the environment in which we live and the long term consequences. One of the most toxic elements we are seeing increased levels of is Aluminum.

Aluminum is the third most abundant element and the most abundant metal in our environment and we are exposed to a fair quantity on a daily basis from our food, air, water, and consumer products.

Aluminum is considered a powerful neuro-toxin and is heavily associated with many diseases and health conditions including Alzheimer’s, breast cancer, neurological disorders, kidney disease, autoimmune disorders, Parkinson’s, and lung disease, kidney disease, and heart disease. Aluminum (like lead) also prevents your bones from absorbing calcium as the aluminum will be attached before the calcium which leads to osteoporosis.

*Aluminum is used in a very wide range of consumer products that allow it to be readily absorbed including antiperspirants, baking soda, deodorants, lotions, sunscreen and shampoos.

*Cooking utensils including pots, pans, baking sheets and aluminum foil contain large quantities of aluminum. When these utensils are heated the aluminum will absorb into the food or if the aluminum pan in scraped to remove food the aluminum will enter the food where it will be absorbed directly into our bodies.

*Many foods including pre-packaged and frozen foods, coffee, analgesics, coffee creamers contain aluminum. When these foods are eaten the aluminum will go directly into your body.

*Vaccines and Baby Formula both contain aluminum. Young, developing children are far more susceptible to environmental toxins and diseases than adults. Even small amounts of toxins may be very harmful to children.

*Coal-fired energy plants, Aluminum mining and manufacturing release millions of tons of aluminum in to our environment every year. The aluminum is spread into the atmosphere and dumped into our water ways.

Many of the sources of aluminum exposure listed above have been reported on, mostly in alternative press outlets, and are well known to many people, but aluminum in vaccines and baby formula is almost unheard of. These are things that the vast majority of people think are safe and they have every right to expect that, for a powerful neurotoxin like aluminum to be present in these things is unconscionable.

Even though aluminum occurs naturally there is no known need or benefit for humans from the ingestion of aluminum plus humans are contributing to the amount we are exposed to through mining and processing of aluminum ore, operation of coal-fired plants (which also release millions of tons of Mercury), and manufacturing of aluminum products. Aluminum is a substance that is not destroyed but only changes form by attaching itself to or separating from other particles. It is readily absorbed into our bodies and attaches to and uses iron as a transport system. It crosses biological barriers such as your blood-brain barrier, which helps keep other toxins out. Over time, aluminum can accumulate in your brain and do serious neurological damage regardless of your age. Aluminum toxicity may be doing as much damage to our children as to our seniors.

What can we do about this serious health issue?

First you need to educate yourself and be aware of all of the contact and exposure points for Aluminum. Read package labels, avoid aluminum cooking products. Also, avoid pre-packaged foods whenever possible. Use only natural or organic consumer products that do not contain aluminum or aluminum oxide. Filter your drinking water and indoor air. But what can you do to remove the aluminum that has already entered your body?

The most effective way to remove aluminum from your body is through EDTA Chelation. EDTA is the most effective broad-based chelator ever invented and it has a very strong affinity for aluminum.
For decades the only way receive the benefits of EDTA Chelation was through expensive and time consuming I.V. EDTA therapy in a doctor’s office. Oral EDTA products are highly ineffective as the majority of the EDTA is broken down in your stomach. EDTA Chelation through suppositories has been found to be the most effective way to receive the benefits of EDTA Chelation. The EDTA from a suppository is over 95% absorbed through the colon wall and since the EDTA bypasses the kidneys and liver on first pass metabolism the EDTA will stay in your body up to 4 times longer than EDTA from an I.V.

KelaminHM is the most effective and safest EDTA Chelation product on the market today. KelaminHM delivers the most EDTA in a safe, effective manner for the lowest price.