KelaminHM Cream is our newest EDTA Chelation product to come to market and it has made quite an immediate impact. KelaminHM Cream unlike KelaminHM suppositories is absorbed through the skin where it enters the blood stream to help remove toxic heavy metals like Mercury, Lead, Aluminum and Arsenic form your body. We know that the EDTA from an IV is 100% absorbed and from a suppository it is about 95% absorbed, Oral EDTA products are 5-7% absorbed but how does KelaminHM Cream compare to these? KelaminHM Cream is about 25-30% absorbed through the skin which makes it less effective than IV and suppositories but more effective than Oral EDTA.

To understand the absorption of KelaminHM Cream and hence its effectiveness at removing toxic heavy metals we need to understand the make up of our skin and how it operates. Your skin is comprised of three basic regions: 1) Epidermis 2) Dermis 3) Fat layer. All of these combined help to control what enters your body and protect you from the environment we inhabit. EDTA is a very low molecular weight chemical which helps it to move through these layers and into your blood stream where it can be effective.

The Epidermis is the tough outer later of our skin that is exposed to the elements. The majority of the cells in the Epidermis are keratinocytes which are produced in the deepest layer of the Epidermis called the basal layer. They slowly migrate to the surface where they replace cells that have shed. The Epidermis also contains Melatonin whose primary function is to filter out ultraviolet radiation from sunlight. Langerhans are also located in the Epidermis and they help defend against infections and play a role in the development of skin allergies. Basically it acts as a wall against UV radiation, chemicals, moisture and bacteria.

The Dermis is made up of thick layer of elastic yet fibrous tissue that is comprised mostly of fibrillin, elastin and collagen. All of this helps to give your skin flexibility and strength. The Dermis also contains blood vessels, hair follicles, sweat glands, and nerve endings. These help to provide a wide range of benefits including needed nutrients, regulation heat/cold, enhance sensation and provide protection from injury.

The Fat layer is comprised of living cells called fat cells that are held together by fibrous tissue. This layer performs several functions including insulating the body from cold and heat, provides an additional energy storage area, and extra padding. This fat layer will vary in thickness around the body from slight around the head but thicker in the buttocks, stomach and thighs.

    • Skin is comprised of 3 layers, Epidermis, Dermis and Fat layer. Each has unique characteristics that work synergistically to help protect us from the environment.
    • Performs many functions including regulating temperature, provide nutrients, protects against Ultraviolet radiation, defends against bacteria and infection
    • Tough but permeable so some substances may penetrate into lower layers while others are allowed to be absorbed into the blood stream.

EDTA Chelation is the most effective way to remove a wide range of toxic metals which are associated with many diseases and health challenges today including atherosclerosis, Alzheimer’s, high blood pressure, angina, Parkinsons, autoimmune disease, lyme’s disease and autism. KelaminHM Cream is a very effective, convenient and inexpensive way to receive the benefits of EDTA Chelation.

KelaminHM Cream is most effective when applied to blood rich, thin areas of our body including the neck, inner thighs, side of torso and inner part of arms.