Heavy metals are ubiquitous in our environment and there are many, many contact points where we can become exposed and absorb them into our bodies. Toxic Heavy Metals such as Mercury, Lead, Aluminum and Arsenic can be found in a wide range of places including the water we drink, dental amalgams, consumer products such as cleansers, metal containers, aluminum or non-stick cookware, lipsticks, deodorants, hair sprays, plus pesticides on our food or mercury in fish.

Some heavy metals in small amounts are good for us and even necessary for life but the majority are toxic to us even at very small levels. Most doctors don’t even consider metal toxicity a problem unless it is a case of obvious poisoning. The majority of toxic heavy metals are absorbed in small quantities over a long period of time. So we must help to protect ourselves from this dangerous and most times unseen threat to our health.

Things we can do to help protect ourselves from toxic heavy metals:

  1. Read product package labels for all products and avoid those with heavy metals present. If no label contact company to demand an ingredients list.
  2. Do not use aluminum or non-stick cookware. When heated the metal molecules become active and can be absorbed into your food.
  3. Use a good water filter not just on drinking water but on bath water as well. Many will remove the majority of toxic metals and are reasonably priced
  4. Wash all fruits and vegetable thoroughly. Buy natural or organic produce if at all possible.
  5. Use natural or biodegradable detergents on your clothes. Our skin is a very absorbable organ.
  6. Have amalgams removed from your mouth if at all possible. Replace with porcelain.
  7. For children, avoid inoculations that contain Thimerosol. It is a preservative and its main ingredient is Mercury, a dangerous neurotoxin.
  8. Exercise on a regular basis. When we exercise we help our body to detoxify harmful agents.
  9. Detoxify. Since we cannot completely avoid toxins we need to help ourselves by detoxifying on a regular basis.

You must take responsibility for your own health. It may take a little work but there many easy things we can do to help prevent heavy metal toxicity and to improve our health in the process. The main thing is to be aware of the danger and be proactive in how you deal with it and AVOID HEAVY METAL CONTACT POINTS!